The Annunciation

by Destroyah

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released April 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Destroyah Long Beach, California

shay - drums
zaine - bass
a.j. - guitar
kylee - vocals

This project is dedicated to the memory of Kylee Athena.

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Track Name: Prologue
I've come to realize I don't know what family is
There's not a one that share's my blood that I can relate with
It seems that having a common name doesn't matter for shit
They're all self-serving, self-loathing sadists
When's the last time you gave a shit mom?
I have two dads but they don't have sons
And even though i know it makes me stronger
I knew I couldn't take it any longer
So I packed up my shit and got outta dodge
and spent the whole summer in different garages
I had spent long enough being a mule
So I made my own way - dropped outta school
Now life is real, and the pressure is on
struggling through insomnia and depression
"If anyone could survive this, it's gotta be me"
in need of incense, meditation, and sobriety
If you called me a pessimist, I'd kindly disagree
This is how I expell my negativity
Now that you're listening, you're gonna hear more
'Cause no one ever paid attention to me before

So come take a moment to listen to these words
about my quarrles with others and managing self worth
Will this bring me contentment? I can't say for sure
But this isn't for my benefit but mainly for yours
Cause I know we've all been in that place in our lives
When nothings good, no matter how hard we try
We have both tried to die and theres no need to hide it
So i hope i can show you things from another side

This is it - My life
if its time - to die
i'll be forgotten - undefined
Welcome to my life
Track Name: Chapter 1: The Human Condtion
The human Condition
Perpetually worsens
As our greatest asset
Is our biggest burden
We only want what
Destroys our soul
Fuck all my friends
Just give me more

I've sold - My soul
I'm just - A hole
Always - Alone
Losing - Control

And Even though I wanna die
Who really cares cause so do you
We're all trying to scrape by
With the shitty hands we're dealt

And even though we're one and the same
I know you'll spare no empathy
My depression's no worse than yours
My suicide would just be as empty

Can't you see youre torturing me?
Cant you see without you I can't breathe?

The human condition means you don't give a fuck
The human condition will always say fuck you too.
Track Name: Chapter 2: AJ's House
Hangin at AJ's
Playing shitty games
Girlfriend just dumped me
Feeling really lame
Now drugs i dont use
It's a choice I've maintained
With hereditary abuse
I've easily abstained
Yet still here I am
In this drug addled cave
Inhaling those fumes
He looks like a slave
But he turns to me
Tosses me it
I say fuck this shit
I take a hit

What the fuck is going on
What the hell was in that bong?
The rooms changing into polygons
Time's freezing for way too long
Something's crawling in my brain
I think it's left a permanent stain
No one can save me
What does it matter anyway?

What the hell did this to me?
It couldn't have just been weed
Or maybe it could cause honestly
I can't remember what that means
I've broken my own morals
Now I'm in an endless quarrel
Someone please help me
Karma's Catching up to me

Trapped in a store
Feel's like I'm in snow
AJ's nowhere
Where'd he go?
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Chapter 3 and 4: Speaking in Tongue in Cheek

Praise us, Buy our merch
Thou Shalt have no gods before me
Welcome to the Facebook Church
Where the music's more serious than it seems

We used to do what we wanted
But that shit just won't sell
To the dollar-a-dozen crust punk kids
the greedy inherit the earth

Your False idols have no chance
We've cornered the punk rock market
So dont just shut up and dance-
give us all of your cash

Trade in morals
Who needs respect
Give up music
Money's best

Used to love you
Used to love
Used to
Now you're shit

You're shit.


Birth, Slave, hate, die
Work, rest, play, strive
All down hill now
Keep going 'round
Can't look back now
Spiraling down
Next on the list
I can't exist
Track Name: Chapter 5: Two in the Chamber
Part one:
Gut rage that makes you
Beat the shit out of you
You hate yourself
but you hate other people more
You're a piece of shit
No matter how good you are
You're a tool for fate
It fucks you and use you
-it's gone as quickly as it came
Til all that's left is hate

Part two:
Body of anger
Mind of hate
Don't tell me
I chose this fate
Grab the gun
filled with fire
Stare it down
Start to perspire
Pause at once
Hold the trigger
I know what could
Make me feel bigger
It's your turn
I've had enough
It's my chance
To call your bluff
This is it
You're full of shit
You're gonna be
Force-fed this clip