by Destroyah

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released January 1, 2014

Recorded at Blake's house by Blake.



all rights reserved


Destroyah Long Beach, California

shay - drums
zaine - bass
a.j. - guitar
kylee - vocals

This project is dedicated to the memory of Kylee Athena.

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Track Name: Creation
Track Name: Trapped
the walls all
around me
closing in around me
i know that
they fear me
i know they wanna kill me
they're coming
to get me
but i won't let them take me
they hate me
i hate them
it's all that my brain tells me

i see them
they watch me
i know that
they hate me
they want
to harm me
but i'm going
to stop you
i know you
youre one of them
i hate you
i wanna live
Track Name: Marked
fucking over everyone
are you proud of what you've done?
you're trust belongs to no one
from reality you've always run

shallow heart, shallow mind
i hope you know that in time

the hate and filth that you breed
have made you your worst enemy

to mask yourself you've used deceit
those markings though, they'll never leave

discontent's left you a leach
ungrateful for what you receive

you've made a living hurting others
what's a brother? let him suffer

the cycle will go on forever
never getting any better
Track Name: Pushed
day after day
you do the same
bullshit routine
and there's no escape
what've you done
you had your fun
now look at me
what do you see
youre gonna die
and nothing's behind
but your evil and hate
accept your fate
you're just a waste
of a human being
suffer and die
relive your hate

i wanna see you choke:
slice your fucking throat
pushed me to the end
now you're fucking dead